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Powerball Numbers

PowerBall Numbers

There is the dream of winning big with the lottery that many people just cannot seem to get past. Whether you are someone that plays every day or only once in a blue moon, there is one game that should not be passed up and that is the powerball. Because of the amount that the jackpot starts at and its ability to grow in size for every day that there is no winner, this is certainly the gamble worth taking. And since it really costs less to play then a bottle of pop at the gas station, it is worth the investment.

When selecting your numbers for your powerball ticket there are two ways to go about it. You can pick the numbers on your own or have the machine spit out random powerball numbers for you. There is no proof that either choice is better than the other as people have won using both number selection options. Pick out your lucky numbers or try to let fate have a hand at it. Either way it is a gamble but one that just may pay off well for you.

PowerBall Numbers

With the right focus, a winner of the powerball jackpot can surely live the rest of their lives off the winnings. Having picked just the right powerball numbers means that you could very well never have to work a day in your life again unless you really want to. With two chances a week to win, this is something that you also do not have to play on a daily basis. So not only is it a safer gamble but it is also the one with the biggest return if you do happen to win.

There are a total of nine ways to win but in order to win the jackpot; a player must match all five of the white balls along with the powerball number that is red. The winning numbers in the white balls can appear in any order. Winners of the jackpot can either receive an annualized prize that is paid out over a period of 29 years or they can accept a smaller jackpot amount and be paid that in one lump sum right away.

Something that makes the powerball stand out above the other types of drawing is the power play option that will give the winner the posted prize amount and multiply that up to five times the winnings. This does not include the jackpot prize though. This is an excellent thing though for those who want to spend the extra dollar to do the power play option. Winning and realizing that an extra dollar could have brought you so much more money is not something that you would want to face.

Since there are various ways a person can go about winning, the power play option gives winners a chance to really walk away with some decent cash in hand, even though they did not hit the jackpot. With a total of nine ways to win, the powerball game is surely one that a person should check into playing every once in a while. You just never know whether you will be that lucky person that wins. After all, someone has got to win it, so why not you?

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